iPhone 7 plus / 6 plus / 6S plus Battery Case, Ultra Thin Extended Rechargeable iPhone 7plus / 6 plus / 6S plus Case Battery with 4200mAh Capacity from SUNWELL (5.5” Red)


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iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/6 plus battery case Specification :
Size: 161*81*13mm
Net Weight: 98g
Captacity: 4200mAh
Battery: Lithium polymer battery
Input: 5V/1A
Output: 5V/1A
Color avaible: Black/Rose Gold
Available: iPhone7 plus


Question: How much extra battery does SUNWELL battery Case provide for iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/6 plus ?
Answer: The Air Case provides an additional 4200mAh battery for iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/6 plus
which is equivalent to 120% of battery life

Question: How long does it take to charge Air Case and the Phone?
Answer: It takes about 2-3hours to fully charge the Air Case, and 4.5hour to fully charge the Air Case and the iPhone together.

Question: Can Sunwell Air Case protect my phone?
Answer: Yes, it with raised bezel, 360°scratch-guard protection
The outer shell bumper and the case protects your phone from all-around, making it shock-proof.

Question: How to charge?
Answer: Just Press the power button on/off the back of the battery case.

Question: Does Sunwell Air Case have a warranty?
Answer: We will provide a one (1) year limited warranty, 90days free return or replacement service.

Question: Does SUNWELL Rechargeable iPhone 7/6 plus can work with cable headphones?
Answer: For iPhone 6 plus /6S plus, it can works directly with cable headphone. But for iPhone 7 plus, it can ONLY compatible with Bluetooth headphones or any other wireless connected headphone accessories..
1. ## MAGNATIC SUCTION FUNCTION: SUNWELL iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/6 plus battery case can magnetic car mount holder, and also the battery case can standard himself to Liberate your hands when you watch movies.
2. ## 1.2 TIMES BATTERY LIFE:  SUNWELL iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/6 plus Case Battery with built-in lithium polymer , it can simultaneously for increased 17 hours Talk time, 12 hours internet, 12 hours web , 7 hours games. Super Ultra Slim Fashion design without excessive bulk.
3. ## FOUR LIGHTS SHOW EXACTLY POWER LEFT: With the smart battery case on, when you click the bottom, there are 4 lights to show exactly how much charge you have left.
4. ## SYNC TRANSFER: SUNWELL iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/6 plus battery case works with original APPLE light port , sync and transfer can be worked at the same time without moving battery case. It is compatible with all iOS versions including updates and Apple Pay etc.
5. ## 90 DAYS FREE RETURN: If you are not satisfied with our iPhone 7 plus/6S plus/6 plus battery case or service, Please contact with us and you will be offered a full refund or replacement, Enjoy this absolutely RISK FREE purchase by clicking the yellow Add to Cart button.


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